I started working as a freelance commercial artist in 1988.
Before the year 2000 I worked mainly with airbrush and acrylics on illustration board. Not much from this period was returned to me after submission and that is why it is not represented very much in the Gallery section.
After the year 2000 I started working on a computer, and I was immediately drawn to 3D software. I liked it's clean look and technical challenges.
Beside that, the process of working in a virtual space with a virtual camera and virtual light instead of being stuck to 2 dimensions manipulating images with the lighting and perspective baked into them gave me a lot of creative freedom and the possibility to adapt camera and lighting to suit the clients wishes later on in the process.
It did not take long before I started exploring the 4th dimension of 3D software: animating the virtual 3D elements on a virtual timeline and thus creating video's.

Also on this website you can see the results of another lifetime passion of mine: Scuba diving and underwater photography.
I got my divemaster certification around the same time as I started my career as a commercial artist, but I decided very early that I did not want to work in the dive industry.
As in my illustrations, modern technology has totally reshaped the process of underwater photography.
Taking a decent picture was very hard in the old days of analogue cameras and film. When working with a medium format camera I was even limited to 15 exposures per dive.

My work for sale

Over the last couple of years, I have started creating 3D assets between the assignments and selling them on the Turbosquid website: